New Node: Adam

Meet Like in the saga, aka Takezo Kensei, it has great healing powers. The new node has a mirror configuration powered by zfs, which works even cross platform for data replication onto a storage server.

As shown in the following figure, the lightning node is running as a virtual machine on a zfs root partition, consisting of a ZVOL disk provided by the host system and one disk provided via iscsi on a storage server. The ZVOL disk itself is located on a mirrored zfs pool on the host system, which has active spares in case of disk failures.

The storage layout for

Adam will replace the role of hiro and ando in one node. This means it will provide the same onboarding characteristics as ando with unmanaged liquidity and zero fees (channels <=8M). Bigger channels for routing to the wider network will be subject to a routing fee schedule and managed liquidity, like on hiro. Liquidity protection on the channels will the universal. Check the nodes page for details.