On this site you will find technical information about the lightning nodes running under this top level domain. The nodes are non-commercial and their intent is mainly academic. However, like with everything bitcoin, the implied ideology is self reliance and protection against corporate and political harassment.

Origin Story

Why Master of Pearls?

It's a homage towards one of the protagonists in the TV Show Heroes: Hiro, Master of Time and Space. Given extraordinary power to bend time and space, Hiro goes on to fight the good fight. A rare case of using ultimate power not for personal gain.

It's also a reference to the old math instrument, the abacus, and it's relation to the lightning network. On the abacus, beads on strings are moved between sides to perform calculations. On the lightning networks sats (the smallest unit of a bitcoin) are moved in channels to perform accounting. In that sense, the lightning network is a giant abacus, and the art of moving sats around becomes a mastery.


Email: admin@masterofpearls.net
Twitter: @MasterPearls